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Explore Hudson River Park with our Digital Guide

Four miles of discovery in the palm of your hand

Download the Bloomberg Connects app to get to know the Park’s huge variety of green and blue spaces. Dig deeper into what interests you most.

Hudson River Park’s guide on Bloomberg Connects, the free arts and culture app, helps you find all you can see and do at the Park, on dozens of piers, docks, landscapes and fields — and takes you beneath the surface of the Hudson River to discover our 400-acre Estuarine Sanctuary.

You can use the app to plan your visit, enhance your on-site experience, or to discover the Park from afar, anytime, anywhere. Let your curiosity be your guide as you get to know the Park’s unique landscapes, its fascinating history, vital marine habitat, and the many ways to play on land and water.

Featuring content designed to help you engage with the Park around you, our digital guide will help connect both new visitors and Park experts to all that our four miles have to offer.

Available for iOS and Android.

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