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The wetlab aquarium with fish and a seahorseHudson River Park’s Pier 40 Wetlab is a native aquarium and marine biology field station.

The Wetlab features a 3,500-gallon flow-through aquarium system containing over a dozen tanks that host Hudson River fishes including striped bass, black sea bass, oyster toadfish and lined seahorses. Fish and invertebrate species collected by our staff are released into the Hudson River during the appropriate season. The Wetlab opens each year in June and is in operation through the end of October. During this time, there are lots of opportunities to visit and meet Hudson River wildlife face to face. Please check out the events calendar for more information.

As a marine biology field station, the Wetlab is also a learning laboratory for students, scientists and members of the general public who are interested in learning more about the Hudson River Estuary. In order to support scientific understanding of the Lower Hudson Estuary, the Wetlab facilities are also available to visiting scholars to conduct research on noted priority estuarine topics, as outlined in the Park’s Estuarine Sanctuary Management Plan.